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(Archived) Evernote.exe seen as trojan by Symantec

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Hi All,

I just wanted to get some input on this. I downloaded the evernote_3.10.1195.exe the other day and my Symantec Endpoint Protection Client is reading it as a Trojan. I thought this odd and was wondering if anyone else has come across this. Since I trust this site and read a lot of good things I just removed it from scan and installed. So far I like the product

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I am receiving the same notice (yesterday) from Symantec Anti-Virus (ver I entered a support request with evernote on this yesterday.

I loaded the same client to a different machine that users BitDefender for anti-virus and it went through ok.

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We've been told that Symantec has adjusted their virus definitions to fix this problem. You should be able to update the definitions on your Symantec application to fix this problem.

Thanks for the reports!

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I'm also getting a report from Symantec Norton Antivirus that has a trojan in it. This is 3/14/2009 I'm updated with the latest virus definitions. Not sure what's causing this, but I won't install the updated until it's fixed.

I do like the product.

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rboucher -

Could you try to update your virus definitions one more time? Everyone else says that the new Symantec virus definitions fix this problem.

Let us know whether that works.

Thanks in advance ...

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