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(Archived) Use a new Encryption passphrase?

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When I want to encrypt a new section in a note Evernote always asks me for an "encryption passphrase" that I've used at the very beginning of my Evernote life.


I have to then enter a wrong password (i.e. anything) and then it asks me if I want to use a new Encryption passphrase? I have the option to "Try the passphrase again" or "Use a new passphrase (NOT RECOMMENDED)".

With that second option  I can then choose my new passphrase that i always use nowadays.


My question:

Why does EN always ask for this old passphrase and how can I make it stop?




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I had a similar experience recently but just typed in my new passphrase immediately;  it was accepted.  I then got nervous and checked that the old phrase still worked on a note that I had encrypted earlier - it still did.  (I'd test on some data you don't need before you do anything more with that though..)


This is a feature that has bumbled along in the same way since it was introduced - it's well overdue for a re-vamp.  It was suggested recently that the editor is being looked at - coming to a beta near you at some point - and maybe this feature will get new tyres in the process - but I wouldn't hold off any breathing on that account.


Don't know what level of protection this provides - and if you have the unencrypted information in your note,  there's presumably a history somewhere of the note before it was encrypted.  I'm using it simply on the basis of causing maximum inconvenience to anyone snooping my information.  There are better ways to protect content,  up to and including not putting it online at all!

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