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no checkboxes in EN for Windows 8?


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I've searched in a bunch of places for this topic which seems pretty basic but I didn't find anything that addressed it.  So, I apologize if this has been answered and I just couldn't find it in my searching.


One of the things I find frustrating with EverNote is the vast differences between functionality on the various platforms.  Checkboxes (as in a to-do list) seem to be one of those features that either work differently or are completely omitted.  I have tried over and over to find how to add a checkbox to a packing list note in EverNote Touch for Windows 8.  There are bulleted lists and numbered lists but no checkbox that I can find.  Am I just overlooking it or is it really not part of the EverNote Touch interface?

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This is ridiculous, we there are posts from over a year ago asking for check boxes for the windows 8 version of Evernote. The only response I see is a thanks for the feedback. Is there any indication that you are addressing this issue?

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I can pretty much confirm that I am not addressing any issues - this is a user forum;  and while the developers do read these pages for feature suggestions they're not obliged to respond or to explain their future plans.  There have been issues with the Windows 8 Touch version I believe,  and most effort has probably gone toward making it work rather than adding any features.  If you can use Win 8 Desktop,  Evernote checkboxes are alive and well.  If not,  you will have to find workarounds or alternatives until Evernote decide to upgrade the user interface.

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