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(Archived) REQUEST: Add subnotes

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I would like to see an ability to add subnotes (similar to one note). Right now, I have a note which contains an idea. When I see something online that's relevant to my idea, I use the Clip app to save the site as a note. But then, I can't contain that clip note as a separate note AND show a form of hierarchy to the original idea. So instead I have 2 sperate notes linked by the same tag. But, it feels too disorganized this way.


Maybe there is a more efficient way of organizing than what have described that is already available? Let me know if there is. If not, please add this feature!



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Linking via tags is a great way to tie a bunch of related notes together -- I do it all the time (note that you can, with multiple tags, tie a note into more than one tag-related collection). You can also make a master note, and link other related notes to it (make a note link of each related note, and copy the note link into the master note). There are no such things as subnotes in Evernote, at least at this time. The current hierarchy:

* Stacks contain notebooks, and nothing else.
* Notebooks contain notes and nothing else. A notebook belongs to at most one stack.
* Notes contain assorted content. A note belongs to exactly one notebook.
* Tags can be attached to any number of notes. A note can have any number (perhaps capped) of tags.

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