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(Archived) Creating a mechanism for ordering slides

David Rosen


Dear Evernote development team


A Powerful yet simple way for Evernote to enhance the experience for 1000's of users.


I am part of a larger network of individuals, many of whom use Evernote as their key note taker. We want to present our notes to each other, but there is no way to order the slides without starting each note title with either a letter or numeral.


There must be a simple coding solution which will allow users to do this. It will be seen as a massive leap forward for the programme.


Awaiting impatiently!




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Note ordering has been discussed on here quite a lot - have a browse around and you'll see the different viewpoints.


Never good to suggest there is a "simple coding solution" though - especially not when you are supporting 9,10, 11, 12 - however many it is different clients and an API for 3rd party developers.

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