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(Archived) What happens with your notes if you drop the Premium account?

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I have a free account. And, I'm thinking to get a Premium one in order to get more space. I know that I probably will use my Evernote account during a long time, but I don't know if I always will be able (or will need) to pay this Premium account. This is my doubt: What happens with your notes (and all the space you have achieved) if you unsubscribe of de Premium account? 

- You loose all the space (except 250MB/month) and the notes you had? 

- You can conserve all the information and you just can't increase your 1GB monthly (or anualy)?

- You loose all the notes and the account, and you have to sign up another accout?



Could anyone give me this information?


Best regards,

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The charge for Evernote is based on uploads, not storage.

If you change from Premium to Free, you will still be able to access all your existing notes.


Keep in mind that if you have very large notes, and you re-edit them, they will be uploaded again.


You can buy a month of premium access if you expect some large uploads during the month.


Read Evernote's 3 Laws of Data Protection



and Evernote's Terms of Service


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