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(Archived) Emailing notes

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I've had a scan through the topics posted and haven't found my question so apologies if I do end up doubling up.


My question is - How do I forward my notes to someone via email? I have gone though the steps of



send my email

<enter email address>



The note comes up that email has been sent but nothing is delivered. I have been testing this and sending to myself but have had no joy. Is this only open to premium members? Should there be a setting that I'm not seeing?


If anyone can give me a heads up, I'd be ever so grateful. I'm travelling and so it would be wonderful to be able to jot down ideas and email them to people on the go.


Thanks everyone!

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Don't know whether this is a premium-only option,  but if you can see the menu and choose the option,  would have thought you should be able to use it.  Also don't know why it's not working - try your own email address again with a small test note and give it a while to arrive..  it goes out through Evernote,  so you won't see a copy unless you include your own email address as one of the recipients.  If that's not working,  try copying the note URL (via the share menu) and you'll be able to send just the link to your email contact through your own mail client.  The note then becomes public though,  so visible to anyone with that URL.

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