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(Archived) Instapaper integration

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i am not sure how many Evernote users also use Instapaper but i am willing to guess its not an insignificant number and so i would like to open the discussion and recommendation for integrating instapaper into evernote.

i often find myself wanting to clip articles and other web writing that i have logged in instapaper into evernote.

recently the iphone app 'tweetie' added instapaper integration by allowing you to put articles from within the iphone app into instapaper (by first putting in your account data for instapaper of course) and then you can read it later at your leisure and without having to leave the app.

on the flipside, it would be nice if instapaper had an email-to-instapaper much like evernote for sending in some long emailed texts for later reading.

im sure there are some other interesting ideas out there for how these two excellent apps can be used together.

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