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(Archived) Unintended Ctrl + space Causing Cursor To Jump back


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I use hotkeys Ctrl + b, Ctrl + u, Ctrl + i to format text in my notes as I type.


So, as a user, when I am bolding something, my keye sequence looks like:


Ctrl+b, this is me typing the stuff I want to be bold, Ctrl+b, Space, this is me typing stuff I don't want to be bold any more.


Except about 30% of the time that I hit Ctrl+b and then space after typing something in bold, my cursor "skips back" to the beginning of the document -- or the beginning of the paragraph!!!  I've deduced that this is some kind of timing issue between when I release the Ctrl button and when I hit the space bar to start the next word.


This behavior is infuriating!  You can't see the cursor "skip back" until you start typing, which means you then have to cut and paste it back onto the end of the line that you "skipped back" from, which can itself take a good amount of time if you have a note of any substantial length.  Every time it happens I want to switch to someone else's product, and it happens at least once a note.


Suffice it to say I have never encountered an issue with this manner of typing in ANY other word processing software.  Not ever.  I really cannot see any use case that would warrant this behavior for Evernote, or why its designers wouldn't immediately change this beavior.  This is seriously annoying and needs to be addressed.

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