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  1. I am coming to Evernote from Google Docs, which does everything you mention here and a whole lot more. There are many reasons that I could get into to describe how Evernote works better for my purposes (which by and large don't even include the "browser" features, though I am learning to love them too!). However, there are many things -- not just his issue with resizing pictures -- that Evernote is going to have to do better at. If they don't, someone else is going to. The barrier to entry for creating apps and services is only getting lower.
  2. +1. If I'm going to have to be opening up the photo in another application, well, I could just resize it in paint or PhotoShop. Absolutely no reason not to be able to do that in the app (Desktop or Mobile). Skitch very cool, but come on. This is silly.
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