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(Archived) Evernote tries to access location even though I declined location sharing





Evernote asked to use my current location, and I politely declined this request.  I use LittleSnitch to monitor my outbound connections, and LittleSnitch notifies me that mac's service "Locationd" is trying to connect to some dns server("mac-services.ls-apple.com.akadns.net") to which I deny.  


This behavior ONLY occurs while I use Evernote, specifically it happens when I switch notes.


I could do a million other tasks with a variety of applications and I do not get this notification.  Its not intermittent, it happens EVERY time I switch notes.  


I presume Evernote is requesting my location from the OS and the mac service locationd tries to go get it.  This happens despite my having declined location sharing.


I'm on OSX 10.6.8, snow leopard.


This behavior is very disconcerting and not to mention annoying.

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Arg, yes!  This is happening to me too (a popup appearing relentlessly stating “Evernote would like to use your current location. Accept or Decline”)!! And it doesn't matter if I accept or decline -- the alert just keeps on coming every time I begin a new action in Evernote (add new note, read inbox, sync).  Such a pain!


It began once I updated Evernote to 5.4.4 and upgraded my Mac OS to Maverick.  





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I'm having same issue as cherrybomb - but only when using Evernote on my personal MBP with Mavericks - work machine that is still on Lion does not prompt for location.


Trying to remove Evernote from Location Services (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Location Services to see if it stops.

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