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  1. Does evernote use mac's built in autocorrect? or does it just reference the setting? I have so many frustrations using Evernote when it autocorrects when I do not want it to. I do not have this frustration in any other mac application. I do not want to turn off autocorrect for the entire OS, just for this app. It seems silly that Evernote does not provide an override setting for this.
  2. I read everything you wrote. My entire intent in posting here(and trust me I have more important things to do), was to let evernote know that a customer(me) is unhappy with behavior that exists elsewhere(and it appears i'm not alone). take it for what you will. I will use evernote for short notes. For documents that need proper formatting, I will go elsewhere. I don't care about why evernote can't do something. can it do it or not. can someone else do it or not. If someone else comes along that has a nice interface like evernote and proper formatting like google docs, I will move
  3. I gave that a shot. In about 2 minutes, without trying hard at all, I saw some strange behaviors. For example:* Start a new line * Insert a tab * The line indents: there is no tab character there, and moreover, the line will now not unindent. *Sometimes*, a tab character gets inserted, *sometimes* the line indents (and you can unindent), and *sometimes* the line indents and you cannot unindent. I couldn't really determine any rhyme or reason for why it behaves differently on pretty much identical input. I don't know the underlying format, so I can't tell what's going on, but I wouldn't exactly
  4. I just updated to latest evernote. Indent is pretty useless as it doesn't line up with tabs. Indent indents about 6 or 7 characters...for the love of the universe, why!? it would be nice if tab size and indent size were configurable. Its behavior like this that sends me back to google docs or osx notes or even textedit. that is all. thank you for reading.
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