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Trouble navigating screens and notes


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I just logged into the PC version, and am finding it very different and more difficult in navigating than the iPad app.  For instance, I tried to locate 2 tags I had on a topic.  When I clicked on the search results, it showed I had two tags, but when I double clicked the link, it took me to the first tag, and I could find no way to go to the second one.  The same thing is happening with my notes and notebooks.  When I do a search, and the results show more than one response, I cannot seem to find any way to navigate from the first note.  I have tried every button and setting I can think of.  Must be obvious, but I never had any trouble with previous versions.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me?  Thanks. 

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I don't understand what you meant when you said " I tried to locate 2 tags I had on a topic". Are you trying to locate the tags, or locate a note? There are no such things as "topics" in Evernote.

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