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(Archived) Fature Request: Web-only (no sync) Notebooks

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Is there a way to designate notes or notebooks as "web-only"? It's great that when creating a notebook you can have it be Local or Synchronized, but why no choice for a notebook that never syncs to the local desktop? Sometimes I scan a bunch of files, and maybe I have 3 or 4 PDFs that are 20 mbs each in size, and are just scans of old bills and documents that I don't need to have on my internal hard drive, things I may not open again for years, but need to keep. It'd be great to have a notebook like this that stays web-only (in my example it'd be called "file closet"), thus freeing up some space on my hard drive (and also reducing the number of files on my laptop that possibly contain sensitive information).

If I use Evernote only via the web interface, then I can basically achieve what I want to do, right? Because it's not syncing any files to my hard drive if there's no desktop app installed, of course. How about letting users of the desktop app also have the option of freeing up some hard drive space, instead of just the web interface users? ;-)

By the way, the Mac Evernote app's spellchecker doesn't recognize the word Evernote. ;-)

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Correct, there's currently no way to do this. We expect most people to want to have all of their data on their computer so they have access to it, but we appreciate the feedback.

Regarding the spellchecker - we're using the WebKit web engine that's part of Safari for our editing, and we inherit the spellchecker from there. We're still trying to convince Apple that "Evernote" is a common noun... :-)

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