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(Archived) Was automatic sync removed?



I sometimes write songs with Evernote. I write lyrics in Evernote text notes, but I sing phrases into Evernote on my iPhone.


In the past, immediately after creating an audio note on my iPhone and hitting save, this triggered a sync, and within seconds the note appeared in Evernote on the Mac. I bragged about this and showed it to songwriter friends.


But now, after saving an audio note on the iPhone, Evernote on the Mac does nothing -- until it's next scheduled sync. The problem is that by force of habit, I keep reaching for the list on the Mac to playback a recently created audio note -- only to discover it isn't there (yet). In the past, it was never necessary to initiate a sync; but now, depending upon the interval, manual syncing is necessary. When I'm working and being creative, I don't want to have to think about mechanics. Evernote was a powerfully helpful tool, but the removal of this functionality is a step backward. 


I don't remember the exact language that previously existed in the Sync tab of Evernote's preferences, but I suspect there used to be an option for syncing "Automatically" (or something to that effect). But now, the fastest option is 5 minutes.


Why was automatic sync removed? I'd think that at the very least, it would be a premium feature. Would you please bring it back?

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