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How do I edit tags?



I can't seem to figure out if you can or how to edit tags. I go to my list and it let's me add new ones, but I have a bunch I want to get rid of change the spelling? I have Evernote 5.4.2 on Mac.  and using OSX 10.8.5.

Any help would be apprecaited.

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Actually just went back into the notebook and although it is removed from TAGS and I entered a new tag name is still pulling the old name "sOLD".  Trying to change it to "SOLD".  I guess there's some work to be here.  I'd also like to know how to edit tags. Ugly tags are just ugly!

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I had a similar problem; I want all tags to begin with capital letters. I went to the main menu where I could get a listing of all the Tags (below Shortcuts, Notes, and Notebooks). Clicked on the tag I wanted to change, hit [F2], and added a capital to the word. Hit [F2] again and removed the second letter. So, I had "asian", then "Aasian", finally "Asian". In your case, you have "sOLD", then would have "SsOLD", then "Sold".

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I am using Evernote application on a Mac.


View > Tags > Right click on Tag that you want to rename > Rename Tag


This screen allows you to view all tags, search for a tag, create a new tag, rename a tag, see note count by tag, delete tag, and remove tag from all notes.

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