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(Archived) Sync Problem

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I use Evernote on every device I own Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc.  


However today I ran into an issue I could not resolve on my own.


I have some information encrypted in a note, apparently my iPad had not synced the changes on the note that I made on my mac.  When I decrypted the information on the iPad it showed an older version of the encrypted information.  I must have hit a key or something because when I closed the note it saved the changes back to the old version.  So when I logged into the encrypted note on the Mac (as I have many times) it updated the changes made on the iPad to the old data and deleted the new changes to the notes I had on the Mac


Is there any way to undo the previous sync so I can recover the data I lost? 

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I've never used mac stuff, but I had some issues with losing notes, I partially recovered some of these through history snapshots available with a premium account.

And I got back some lacking words by hexediting the local database files stored in my pc.  Hope this  could help.


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