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  1. Salam/Hi all. If you're new to Evernote, I highly recommend you, to regularly save your database file; in an external device, like an external hard drive or so. If you have win8, you can use the "task scheduler" to create a task that does it for you. Regards.
  2. Hi. All. If you delete a note and empty the trash, you can still recover chunks of it by hexediting the database file of your local client. This is what I've done on a win8 client database file; to recover partially a note that was oddily chopped. Hope it helps. Regards.
  3. Hi. I am not a nerd, but if you don't see a notebook in the website but on personal devices, this is surely because this notebook is "tagged" as a "local" one on those devices; those local notebooks are not synced within the remote database. Hope this clarifies things. Regards.
  4. Hi. All. For security purposes, I would also add that you can crypt your private notes, in your local notebooks; but as said, this must not prevent you from saving your data. Data need redundancy. Regards.
  5. Hi. I absolutely do not know Apple/Mac stuff, but there should be database files on those devices; I partially recovered a note by just hexediting those database files. Hope it helps you. Regards.
  6. Hi. Thanks for your bother; I actually have never used Mac/Apple stuff; I rather stick to pc; by the way; what I learned from that is : 1) syncing data doesn't solve the problem of losing it; as i thought. 2) saving it locally/remotely in personal spots is highly recommended. For the issue of the lost note, according to the support team, the global database snapshots cannot be used for personal notes recovery; which is nearly a non sense. I have forwarded some queries to them, waiting for some feedback. Regards.
  7. Hi. Thanks for your bother and answers. So, I guess that those global snapshots may only be used for recovery in case of sudden overall blackouts. I thought that Evernote had smaller ones that are stored locally on their servers; which could be accessed more easily. I actually have chatted to an "agent" of the "chat support"; the previous support ticket got a feedback right away; telling me that a "level 2" support one was triggered. If something may be learned for that is the danger of syncing : 1) any remote (wanted or not...) alteration of your data impacts instantally your local ones. 2) So saving regularly and locally the database in a personal directory is highly recommended. Hope I'll get some feedback soon or maybe a "level 3" support ticket trigger. ;-) Regards from Paris.
  8. Hi. I've never used mac stuff, but I had some issues with losing notes, I partially recovered some of these through history snapshots available with a premium account. And I got back some lacking words by hexediting the local database files stored in my pc. Hope this could help. Regards.
  9. Hi. Using Evernote on win8 and Android for about one year (mainly to prevent data losses), I recently had some issues with a few notes that were chopped without my consent; so I took a premium accound to recover them through the history option as suggested by the "chat support" agent (also available with the premium account). I got back some of those notes but one remains unrecovered since history versions are also lacking. I started up a support request then I got a ticket number (#224990), but no answers after a week. My queries are the following : 1) Do Evernote datacenters store snapshots of users databases regularly? 2) If so, is there a way to get one those databases snapshots? Thanks for reading and eventually answering those questions. Regards (from France/Paris region user).
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