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(Archived) serious problem attaching files (OS X, ver. 5.4.1)

Guest neex


Ever since I updated to Mountain Lion, and the latest version of iWork, I have been unable to attach Pages and Numbers documents to my notes without Evernote first converting the "packages" to .zip files.  (I am not sure about Keynote files, as I do not use them.)


I experienced this problem some time ago when I first started using Evernote, long before upgrading to Mountain Lion.  However, it was an isolated problem, probably related to the fact that the Numbers document in question had been saved previously on iCloud.


So it appears, at least for me, that the new iWork file formats, which are apparently not lacking in controversy, are now crazy OS X packages that cannot be attached to Evernote.  Is this correct?  Am I the only person with this problem??


I have tried opening a new, blank Pages document, saving the blank document to my desktop, and attaching the file to Evernote.  But even with this new, "fresh" document, Evernote converts the "package" to a compressed /zip file.  The problem for me is that I cannot easily open the contents of a compressed file attached to Evernote.  (Opening the attached .zip file requires saving the contents of the .zip to a directory on my computer, more or less defeating the advantages offered by Evernote.)


Needless to say, this is a serious hinderance to my workflow.  In fact, it has decimated my workflow.  I have been saving Pages files on my desktop—as if it were Windows 95 or something—for the past several weeks.


This needs to get fixed, otherwise I will be compelled to abandon Evernote.  I really don't want it to come to that, so any advice or insights are much appreciated.  Thanks.


EDIT:  I should probably also mention that iWork documents that were attached before the update remain attached as iWork documents.  I can open, edit, and save them all form within Evernote.  Go figure.

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