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(Archived) Notebook bug -- PLEASE HELP


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I use Evernote for school, so I'm a little panicked about this. I was looking at my screen ad I saw that there were two copies of my assignment notebook. I decided to delete one and, as a result of what was clearly a bug, it deleted my entire assignment book with the extensive list of what I had due for the next couple of days.

If anyone has a solution, please tell me! I really need to have that back. Thanks so much for reading through this.


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Hi Nick


This isn't necessarily a bug,  though it is not good.  Do you have access to Evernote on a desktop computer? Check in the trash folder of your device to see if your missing information is there.  Have a look on the web version to see if it is also changed.  Try not to let your device sync with Evernote's servers until you've found out whether there are any other copies of your notes around.


Is this your own account,  or are your notes shared to/ from someone else?

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I've never tried to move more than one note at a time,  but no harm in trying if you're on a desktop - don't know about tablets or phones.  You may have to recreate the notebook to drag notes into.  Maybe you could create a new note in your main notebook and then move that to trash and see how it works when you restore it back to the notebook.  Then you won't make any mistakes with your 'real' data.  Find out about backing up your database as well (search the forum) just in case...


Best of luck..

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