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(Archived) Viewing PDFs within Notes in Windows vs Mac

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I am using EverNote on both a mac and on a PC. On my mac, I am able to scroll down through an entire PDF, while on my PC I can only see the first slide, and the only way to see the next slides is by click an arrow that moves to the left and to the right, or opening the PDF separately in Adobe. Is there a way to have the same PDF functionality I have on the mac version in the PC version, or is that a feature that is only available within the Mac version?





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The PDF editor on the Windows version doesn't have the same option as the Mac - IDK whether this is an OS limitation or just a missing feature.  The only way to replicate the run of pages in the Windows client would be to save each page of a multi-page document as a separate PDF and then load them into the note in order.  That operation has its own problems - not least getting the pages into the right order.  You may be able to find a PDF editor that will give you the display that you want,  and you could double click the PDF in the note and set your external editor as the default software to open that type of file.

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