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(Archived) Painfully slow to sync

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I am trying to get my new Xperia Tablet to sync my content on Android 4.3. I only have about 1k odd notes, mostly just text and it has already taken over 90 minutes.


Is this normal? And I am going to have endure this every time I want it to sync with my other access points?


I don't remember it being this painful with my ipad.



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Could be all sorts of reasons why the download is taking a while,  not least that the rest of the connected world is also using the internet and some of them may be directly competing with you for the server you're trying to use.  I have quite a few more notes than you and my initial download to a PC took a few days,  so I'd leave your tablet on and connected overnight to let it catch up.  Future syncs should be quick and easy.

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