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(Archived) Suddenly missing notes on my Iphone


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I love Evernote but I really dislike the new interface on the Iphone... So that is probably why I suddenly seems to miss most of my notes on the Iphone as I am probably doing something wrong.


I can see 275 notes on my laptop on the IPad and on the webinterface but on the IPhone there is just 34 notes. I have premium account and are really depending on Evernote in my work, so this is a disaster for me.


I have tried to synchronize, search and go for tags... but they really seems to be missing. Then I tried the built in support interface in the Iphone and after typing in all the text... it says... Faild try again later and deletes all my text. I am about start looking for alternatives to Evernote....


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So I removed the Evernote app from the Iphone... installed it again and connected it to my premium voila...

Suddenly all my notes are available again


This smells rotten! I need some kind of explanation from the staff so this wont happen again as I need to trust it if I am to use it.

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