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I'd really like to request some way of searching that is more powerful. Right now, if I search for a note called "To Do", and type to do, I get about 150 notes, and the one titled to do is way down in the list. There doesn't seem to be any way to search only title and not content, or to get results which are organized in some sort of relevancy. It makes searches of common terms almost useless.

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I use both mac and windows version. The intitle: modifier does indeed work on the mac side as well as windows, and it very useful for this kind of thing.

Also, I can't tell from the original post if you are searching on:

to do


"to do"

You probably want the quotes so that EN only finds the actual phrase "to do" and not notes that happen to have words starting with "to" and "do" in them. Even if you do the intitle option.

Also, you might want to add check boxes to your to-do notes (Format > Insert To Do on the mac side). Then you can search on Attributes > Contains > Unfinished to do items. Personally, I like the free-formness of the check boxes -- I can stick them anywhere in a note (like smack in the middle of meeting notes for example) and it gives an easy way to find any notes with to do items embedded in them.

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Why isn't this "intitle:" search modifier function covered in the in the User Guide? Or, say, right inside the application with maybe menu choices or a popup help panel triggered by a button next to the search field or something? Are there any other search tricks like this? What else isn't mentioned in the User Guide? Why is it not a priority to provide complete documentation? I hate to seem like I'm being a moaner about this, but this is nowhere near the first time I've had to hunt and search the application and all the menus, then hit the help site, then download the user guide pdf and search that, then hit the user forums and do a search there....just to find out about semi-basic functionality. Could we get a complete user guide? pleeez? ;-)

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