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(Archived) Twitter no DM link

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I am following myEN (Evernote) and myEN (Evernote) is following me back BUT I have not received the direct message with the link to link both accounts. It has only been about 1 hour but I am pretty sure I should have gotten the message already. Anybody else has this problem?

my usernames for Evernote and twitter are danmerino.

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When 'myen' follows you, it will immediately send you a setup DM. Unfortunately, this doesn't work if you have a 'protected' account that requires you to authorize all followers. There's also a much smaller chance that the DM just doesn't go through because Twitter's API service isn't happy when we try to send it.

To get another setup DM from us, just try sending any DM to 'myen'. We should reply with a setup message if you aren't already setup. (We'll only send one of these to your account if we haven't sent one in the last few minutes, to keep from getting some sort of crazy message loop going with anyone else's twitter bots, etc.)

Let us know if that doesn't work for you.

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I have done all this, to no avail. I am not getting a DM from EN.

I have waited for days. I have tried to unfollow and followed again. I ahve sent a DM to @myen.. and get nada.

My acct is not protected.

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I just double-checked your account, and it's already linked up, so you must have successfully clicked on the setup link at some point. Any DMs you send to myen should now be going into your Evernote account as notes.

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I received the DM from myEN but I accidentally removed myEN as following me on twitter. I now cannot send a note to myself in Evernote privately via a DM. Is there anyway I can have that request sent to me again? My twitter name is steve5446 and it's the same username for my Evernote account. Thank you.

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If your Twitter account is "private", then you need to approve our friend request first. Once you approve the friend request, we should become friends and you can try sending us a DM.

If you don't see us in your list of followers yet, try unfollowing us, wait a little bit, and follow us again.

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I am having twitter troubles too. I have my twitter and evernote accounts linked, and they worked fine in the past. They don't communicate anymore. I sent a dm to myen and never get a note in EN. After a few minutes, the direct message totally disappears from my sent messages in twitter as if I never sent one at all. I just tried to send a tweet with @myen and as of yet that hasn't shown up either. I did change my twitter account from private to public and I think that is when the problem began. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

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Hello Evernote,

I have been trying to setup myEN integration to my twitter account 'A_11' without success. My A_11 account is protected. I have done the following without success:

- Unfollow myEN

- Unprotect my account

- Follow myEN

- DM myEN (many times)

Eventually, I removed myEN from my Followers list, re-follow myEN. and now nothing. Nothing happen.

Could you please help?

Thank you in advance.



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A_11 - Evernote's Twitter agent ("myen") has requested to follow you so that we could receive your tweets. Please approve this request so that we can follow you, and then send us any DM to set up your account.

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