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(Archived) Automatic filing of notes created by email

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I want to automatically file notes in a specific notebook when they are added as an email ... and when I can't change the subject line.


Scenario: I want to redirect email submitted to a specific email adress, for example "important@mydomain.com", to my "create-note-by-email"-email address (this part is easy). Then I want those new notes to be filed in a specific notebook. The problems are


+ I can't figure out a way to change the subject line when redirecting (thus no @-tag)

+ This doesn't happen frequent enough that it's worth the money for a service like incloud

+ IFTTT doesn't work since it doesn't include attachments (which is important)

+ I couldn't find a way to set up a filter in OS X Mail to change the subject line (I want this to happen automatically without any manual actions)


Does anyone have an idea for how to achieve this? I'm interested in all kind of ideas


Summary: How do I file email messages sent to 'important@mydomain.com' to notebook "Very important", with all attachments intact and completely automatically

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