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  1. > I don't see how Markdown and plain text are equivalent. Sure, Markup is done using plain text (so is HTML), but that's not what it represents. You don't get Markdown automatically if you have plain text (ask my text editor). It has to be interpreted. You can store Markdown and HTML in a note already. Is that what's wanted? I don't think so This is mixing two things again, storing markdown is the same as storing text which is the same as storing the current HTML content. Like I said above this shouldn't be a problem (you can do it now). The other thing is how, as I said above, to displaying it. Here you have to differ between three different markups: Plain text - already possible HTML - already possible Markdown It's the last one where I'm a bit different from many others who ask for Markdown support. I have no need for built-in rendering of markdown I'm fine with a plain text display of markdown notes. I just want an efficient way of working with plain text files in Evernote (so in reality I don't need any special markdown support at all). From my experience with other programs (for example VoodooPad, Devonthink), the most efficient way of working with an external editor is to use the ODB Editor protocol (on the Mac). > ENML Format: XHTML subset, with augmentation. See http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php. > More than one note can be stored per file (easy enough to do, at least in the Windows client, and probably the Mac. Select some notes and export them -- they'll come out as one file. Yes, it looks like then the separate notes are stored as XML notes "within" the multinote file ... interesting. > I believe it's a practical decision, based on technical reasons. See, e.g., post #5 in this topic: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33759-markdown-wysiwyg-support-plz/?p=40681, post #14 http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/33759-markdown-wysiwyg-support-plz/?p=64718 and so on. They can't provide a full editing experience with Markdown, so it's unlikely to happen. That could change, I do understand. That I understand and I'm OK with that (others might not like it), as I said above, I just want to use Evernote as a "storage database" for text. Of course, this can be done by any text editor by implementing support for Evernotes API - which is unlikely to happen. However, on the Mac many text editors support the ODB Editor protocol which would mean that if Evernote implemented support for it, these editors would all get the ability to work efficiently with text files (= click a button in Evernote to edit with external editor, when I save in my text editor Evernote sees the changes and updates the note). As for iOS, the text editor would have to implement support for the Evernote API. I'm pretty sure that we will never see support for the ODB Editor protocol for reasons given in a previous post. Some iOS editor might implement support for using Evernote as the storage backend (there are a couple of note takers but I haven't seen a text editor). I haven't seen a Mac text editor that uses the Evernote API (does one exist?). In short, I'll probably never see what I'm looking for ... but I can dream
  2. I think there is a mix up here between two things: The functionality of using markdown (or plain text file - if we get one we get the other) The format used to store the notes As I see it these are to a large degree independent. I'm looking for better support for (1) - being able to use my favorite text editor to write markdown code and marked for generating HTML/PDF/LaTeX when needed. For that I think that ODB Editor support is the best way to go on the Mac. (2) is something else and probably only of interest to developers of programs that uses the API. But I opened an enml file and took a quick look (no I didn't read the docs ) and from what I can see it's an XML file ... which means that it just a matter of defining what you want to store and create a definition of how it should look like. To me it looks like Evernote stores one note per enml file with one content node per file. The content seem to be a note node with some attributes and then HTML code in the text node. So storing plain text here shouldn't be a problem (displaying it is another thing). My personal opinion here is that Evernote has to be careful in designing their programs, they can't make the clients too confusing and should probably focus on the core features and only add new features when they are really needed. And even if we think that markdown is an essential features (I think so) we might only be 0.01% of the Evernote users ... which would make a stupid design decision to include markdown support since it would probably confuse at least 95% of the others who use Evernote making it a bad product for them. On the other hand if 30% or so of the users asked for markdown support we would probably see markdown support real soon. So I'm pretty sure that it isn't a technical issue that has prevented us from seeing markdown support in Evernote, but a design decision - which might change over time.
  3. Yep, I'm a very modest person So what I would like to see is builtin support for ODB (makes the workflow for editing text soooo much better) - something that needs to implemented by Evernote. But the "markdown" iOS editor could be implemented by someone else ... perhaps one already exists?
  4. Count me in as one who want Markdown support in Evernote. It might be that I'm even satisfied with a simpler solution than most of you. I would like to use Evernote as the backend for keeping notes written in (multi)markdown - I want to use Marked to format in the cases when I want HTML/PDF etc. But mostly I just want Evernote to store the raw markdown which I then can read/edit in some application. In other words I would like Evernote to support the ODB Editor Suite on the Mac (I have no idea how this works on Windows). I also would like to have a good text editor on iOS - Byword can publish to Evernote but is there some app that uses Evernote as the note database?
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