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(Archived) Thank you Evernote

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Hi all,


Just wanted to tell you that I got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I now have premium for 1 year. How exciting!!


Thanks Evernote for doing such a deal with Samsung. Nice partnership in action. I cannot wait to try out some of the Premium features on the Android device.

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Maybe that this is nice for you but forcely installed apps are really annoying (I don't know wheather you can deinstall this evernote app but I guess you can not?).


In general the user should be able to choose himself what application he wants to install and what not. On the Galaxy S4 there has been 50(!) apps pre-installed and many of them you cannot deinstall and they only stay there and waste your valualbe phone-memory, ressources and visible space and so prohibit you from keeping your phone clean and fast. Many users are giving forcely installed apps bad ratings and I think they do right. This is the only way the customers can do against such bad practices. When I buy a smartphone for many hundreds euros then I don't want to have forced advertising on it.

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