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(Archived) Lost part of note

Rain Song

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I use Evernote to keep track of my writing, as well as to sync my writing between devices. I was doing some character development questions on Evernote on my laptop. I closed my laptop before syncing yesterday, and it was still all there the next time I got on (today), but then it wasn't showing up on my Droid or iPod Touch when I tried syncing them. So, I synced my laptop, figuring it just hadn't gone through, but I lost all the things I'd added to that note!

I don't have premium (I had it for a few months in the past, but I had to stop because I couldn't afford it) and I've got no idea where a history of the note might be stored on my computer (if there even is any). Any help would be appreciated.

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Evernote App or Desktop?  If you close the laptop does it go to standby / hibernate / switch off?  


I don't know exactly what happened here,  but if you don't see the note content on the laptop I'd suspect it never got saved to disk,  and since it was never synced,  there's no history to go back to.  Your one (slim) chance is that there's something in the trash notebook,  but other than that I'm afraid your work is probably lost.  For security you probably need to close Evernote if you finish a session - and maybe do a few tests to find out a safe way for your particular laptop setup if you want to close things down temporarily and resume later...

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