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(Archived) Evernote android, shortcut opening always the same note bug...?


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There has been this annoying feature (which I suspect is a bug) in evernote now at least for 9-12 months I think.


I have two important evernote notes that actually I use 95% of time using evernote. I created direct shortcuts to them from widgets "evernote shortcut" to my homescreen.


Sometimes when I click NoteA shortcut it opens NoteB. When I go back to homescreen and touch again NoteA shortcut it again opens NoteB. The only way for me to get NoteB open is to navigate to it from evernote interface, which is slow. Sometimes (perhaps 10-20% of time) it works OK.


Is this a bug or a "feature" ...?



Btw. I use Galaxy S2 i9100, with android jellybean 4.1.2 and now with cyanogenmod 10.1.x and (jelly bean 4.2. something)..

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