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(Archived) Evernote super slow when adding notes


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I'm using Evernote V 5.4.1 on a MacBook Air (running OSx V 10.8.5).  I'm trying to add a lot of notes for Spanish Class in a quick manner.    Each note is 1-2 words so I'd like to rapidly type them in but when I click "New Note in Spanish Notebook" I can't quickly type b/c it's "connecting".  It appears as tho Evernote is trying to sync and that is causing the delay.  Eventually I get the beach ball of death and have to wait 1-2 minutes for evernote to resolve itself.  This hasn't happened in the past but has been occurring the last few weeks.  


I set the Syncing Preference to "Manual" but it appears to still be trying to sync in the background.  I tried turning off Wifi thinking it wouldn't try to connect w/ no internet.  Neither has worked in the least.  


Any way to completely stop the syncing so I can type in all my notes real fast and then sync when finished?

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