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(Archived) Crashes!

Simon B

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Every time I try to open a note, any note, in iPhone or iPad evernote apps the damn things just close on me.

Anyone else getting this.

Very, very annoying.


The standard first step of debugging the mobile app is to uninstall, reboot & reinstall.  Did you do this?

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Well, this is really odd: after leaving things overnight and thinking about other options to Evernote (are there any!), it's all working OK this morning.


And, so, I wonder if it is a sync issue. The past few days I have been scanning lots of things into EN and perhaps... it's taken a few days to catch up with itself? Lots of PDFs, some of them 10 pages or more...


Anyone else have this experience?


I'll keep an eye on it and maybe look out for problems when I do some more 'let's get paper free, finally' filing!

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