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(Archived) Total newbie question


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I am a brand-new Evernote user, and I find I am struggling with the most basic functions!  I am hoping to import notes from another application, and all of the instructions I find have the same steps- they suggest navigating from Tools > Import Folder. This is probably the dumbest question ever, but where is 'Tools'? I've looked at the iPhone app, the web app and the Windows 8 Touch app, and I can't find any sort of toolbar or menu on any of them, with anything resembling these types of options. There are lots of 'Getting Started'-type videos etc on the site, but none of them are as basic as 'Here is the menu'! Any help would be appreciated.

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I am not really sure if you can "one touch ' import apps from another platform, although there are ways to export Evernote notes into other platforms. Most of the mobile devices do not have all the functionalities of the power Evernote experience. So, first I suggest you to install a windows or a mac client, which has all the features, some which are not there in mobile devices.

I don't know what platform your notes are in now. Depending on what your platform is , you can try to use cloudhq and see if there is support for your older platform, so that you can push content easily to Evernote.

Simplest way, is that if you have or can get out notes in standard doc formats like PDF or Ms word, you can pull them into an Evernote page manually. Evernote can search through these notes.

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