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  1. LeStressMD, I solved the problem and wanted to share my solution, in case you are also an iPhone user. I gave up on Evernote because I couldn't figure out how to import the files. The apps seemed too difficult to use and I didn't need all that functionality- just wanted a very simple plain-text app like Note*Spark was. (We'll see if the Evernote folks allow this post to stay on this board!) Here are the steps: download DropBox (free) on your computer and your iPhone. Then buy an iPhone app called Elements, which costs $4.99. Do the data export from Note*Spark (super easy- sign into the website and click the 'Export' button, and save the zip file on your computer). Open the zip file and move the folders into the 'Elements' folder in DropBox. Presto! They all show up beautifully in the Elements app in your phone, organized into folders just the way they were in Notespark, and with the formatting intact. You can edit them on the phone or the computer, and your changes sync instantly. The only slight snag is that any notes you might have had with more than one Note*Spark tag, will be put into new folders. Otherwise it was a piece for cake, took 10 minutes (this after an entire evening of agonizing Internet searches to try to find a different app that would do the job). Yippee! Hope this helps you.
  2. I am a brand-new Evernote user, and I find I am struggling with the most basic functions! I am hoping to import notes from another application, and all of the instructions I find have the same steps- they suggest navigating from Tools > Import Folder. This is probably the dumbest question ever, but where is 'Tools'? I've looked at the iPhone app, the web app and the Windows 8 Touch app, and I can't find any sort of toolbar or menu on any of them, with anything resembling these types of options. There are lots of 'Getting Started'-type videos etc on the site, but none of them are as basic as 'Here is the menu'! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. From the NoteSpark instructions for Windows, it says 'From Evernote, choose "Import Folder".' I have looked at the Evernote Web App and the Evernote Touch app on my PC, and nowhere can I find any sort of menu that includes 'Import Folder' as an option.
  4. I'm in the same boat. I've also had to migrate notes a few times- and I know this won't be the last I got an Evernote account and started playing around with it, but I find it non-intuitive and can't find any kind of basic 'getting started' guide that tells how to set up folders, how to drag text files from another application, etc. For instance, is a 'notebook' in Evernote actually a folder that can contain a number of notes? Or is each note called a 'notebook'? Has anyone found any kind of basic manual for this application? I found a video, set to music, that told me how great the application is and all of its many marvellous features, but it didn't give me a tutorial of how to actually use it. I exported my files from NoteSpark onto my PC, so now I have a bunch of file folders full of notes. I was hoping I could just drag the whole thing across and preserve the folder structure, but it doesn't seem to work. Next I tried setting up a folder (notebook) manually and then trying to drag a note into it. My note came over as an attachment, and when I clicked on it I was prompted to open it with NotePad. Is there some way to move the actual text into Evernote, rather than doing it as an attachment? I don't want to have to copy and paste all 600+ of my notes!
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