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ScanSnap for Evernote creates "ghost" reverse pages


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Just received my brand-new ScanSnap for Evernote.  Here are two issues so far.


Scanning in a one-page letter I want to email to a customer.  ScanSnap is apparently so powerful that when it scans the blank reverse side of the letter it creates a faded, reverse ghost image of the front.  Now I have a two-page pdf document.  I want to delete the second page before I email it, and to export it to Adobe Acrobat to delete that page defeats the whole purpose of having the efficiency of a $500 scanner.  Example of the scanned letter is attached.


Second issue, if I load a multi-page document facing forward, it saves the pdf in reverse page order.  Is there a way to reverse the order of the pages?  In this instance I just deleted the scan, reloaded facing the other way and it's fine.  I wondered if this is an issue with a pile of multiple type docs - receipts, business cards, letters.


and for extra credit, when I unplug the usb cord the ScanSnap loses the wireless connection and forgets the password.  Is this wireless scanner really not wireless?


Evernote's premium support chat is a mess this morning - over an hour waiting, then it told me at 11am central time they were now closed for the day and booted me off.




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Sorry you're having a bad time of it - I have an S1500 that also 'sees' some print-through as a valid page.  In single documents I simply select a single sided scan.  In multiple documents,  if it matters,  I'll edit out the blank pages.  Most times I don't bother - it doesn't take up much space in an OCR document to have a blank area.  Don't know if it's possible to alter the sensitivity of the scanner - sounds more like a Fujitsu issue than an Evernote one.  If you have ScanSnap Manager there's a "Scanning" tab where you can turn off blank page detection,  and you may have a page order section there too.  I don't,  but my scanner saves pages in the right order.  As to USB unplugging - that's Fujitsu again...

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After searching, I found in ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition a menu called "Setting"


In Setting under the Documents tab there is a check box to Reduce Bleed Through.  It seems to work.  


The new problem now is when I scan some multiple page magazine articles it randomly turns some of the pages upside down and I can't find a setting to flip an image without exporting it to a pdf manager and then recopying it back in.

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Hey I'm figuring out solutions right and left today, thought I'd share.  You can right click on the pdf in Evernote and pick open with... (I use Acrobat).  Here delete unwanted pages and re-orient pages, save and it all stays in Evernote.  Hope this saves someone else time when they run into the issue.  

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