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(Archived) Scan in document as template for packing slips


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I have about 15 separate venders that ship items to our business and the packing slips are either emailed or included in the shipment. I would like to have my Outlook automaticly forward PDFs ive got included in my templates folder and move those to the correct places. Is this something I can do while using my NEAT scanner?

Simple process, one-time scan the 15 different packing slips we receive on a daily basis and map out the areas where info on each sheet is needed, and where is should be stored.


Next, setup my Outlook so any attached PDF's that match the templates pre-scanned, automatically file those without needing interaction.

It seems so simple but maybe this isn't something so easy? I think about it like on my security camera DVR, I can map out the areas I want motion detection in.... seems that simple to me.

Any takers? Evernote support chat just told me that if I buy the Evernote scanner it would work, but because ive got the NEAT scanner, it wont..... HELP!




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Wouldn't a simple scan of each incoming packing slip do?  If you scan to PDF and you're a Premium user,  the names,  values etc will be OCR'd so you can search all the slips from one source,  everything received on one day etc,  etc.

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