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(Archived) Windows 5.0.3 - inconsitent search behavior


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A common scene for search is:


1. "Have I a note for 'meeting'? Let's see in the search field"


2. Now I start typing "mee ..." and - surprise, surprise - in the results is a section "Notebooks" where I found a Notebook "Meetings" with 4 Notes.




3. I didn't remember this notebook, I'm happy to find this, I click on the result item "Meetings" to see this 4 notes.


4. But arrrgh - no notes! Of course no notes - the first search fragment "mee ..." is still in the search field.





Yes, I could delete manually "mee" or yes, if I had remembered that I have a notebook "Meetings" I could use the shortcut Alt-Shift-N.

But the easiest way in the program code would be "IF a simple user click at a notebook name THEN delete the search fragment" ...

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