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Installation - "insufficient privileges"


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Trying to install 5.0.3 from the prompt screen. It downloads the new version and starts the install routine. First the old Evernote is removed. Then (I think) the new version is installed. Then it stops when ready to stick an icon under Start Menu and displays this message:


Evernote v. 5.0.3

The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory [under start menu]

The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator.


The problem is - I am the administrator, and logged in as such.


I hit Cancel, and the install routine reverses itself and (I think) uninstalls the program. As a result, I am left with no Evernote. I had to download the update from the web site and install it.


Why does this happen? It's stupid to reverse the install just because the icon can't be installed.

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Please send a support ticket (see below) - we're a user forum and 5.0.3 is the latest upgrade so there's not a lot of experience with it yet.  You might want to check your computer to make sure there's no remaining files from the software left lying around - uninstall everything (backup any databases first though) and try a clean install..

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