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(Archived) iPhone stolen

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My iPhone was just stolen and I'm trying to figure out how I can disable the synching of the client. I copied all my notes to a new local folder, so that the thief can't access my notebooks via wi-fi. I submitted the question to support about 3 days ago and haven't heard any response. My plan is to get another iPhone in the future, but for now I just want to use the app and have it synched to the web without those updates being ported to my old iPhone. Any ideas? As a side note: is there a way to see when/if someone does try to sync with the iPhone client?

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I'd recommend that you change your password in the service. This will prevent anyone who finds your iPhone from accessing your notes without knowing your new password.

Our support group answers inquiries during business hours in California, and we take care of inquiries from Premium accounts first before all Free inquiries, so questions from Free accounts that arrive after Friday evening may take a few days to receive a reply.

Inquiries from Premium accounts will receive a reply within one business day.


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