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(Archived) Feature Request: Bookshelves



Currently, the only available way to organize the notebooks is to stack them together and name the stack. Let's say you have 500+ notebooks organized into 50+ stacks where each stack holds notebooks that are related. Now, assume that all these stacks and notebooks belong to one category, let's say, "School", or "Finance", or "Photography". Of course, I can have a stack called "Photography" with hundreds of notebooks in it but there can be different sub-categories within the top level "Photography". 


I'd like to be able to organize stacks into bookshelves where each bookshelf may be dedicated to a single topic. Let's take the example of "School" bookshelf. In this bookshelf, you can have a stack called "Maths" with notebooks "Algebra", "Calculus", etc.


For the "Photography" example, in this bookshelf, you can have stacks called "Night Photography", "Wedding Photography", "Nat Geo", etc. with each stack containing one or more notebooks related to that topic. For example, in "Night Photography" stack, you can have notebooks called "Tripods", "Remote shutter", "Low light", etc.


The current organization is fine if the number of notebooks / Stacks remain small. However, the current design doesn't scale well.


So, in short, Bookshelves->Stacks->Notebooks->Notes.


School (Bookshelf) -> Maths (Stack) -> Calculus (Notebook) -> Calculus notes

Photography (Bookshelf) -> Night Photography (Stack) -> Tripods (Notebook) -> Tripod notes

Finance (Bookshelf) -> Wall Street (Stack) -> Apple (Notebook) -> Apple notes


Thoughts ?

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I currently have more 100+ notebooks, but it's nice to know the limit. Thanks.

Does this limit apply to the premium version too?


Yes, tags are useful to keep track of related notes that may or may not be in separate notebooks, but with bookshelves, I'm essentially looking to tag stacks / notebooks.

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Yes, the 250 notebook limit applies to premium users as well. Not sure whether Business users have a different limit.

I'm not expecting changes to the storage structure (either up the tree, as with bookshelves, or down it, as with substacks, subnotebooks, etc.) to occur any time soon, but you never know. That's why I usually push tags -- because they're there already.

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