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(Archived) Number of notes varies depending on client

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Newbie question I know, but I only recently noticed that the number of notes varies worryingly depending on the client I use.


Windows7 client: 4316

IPad: (around 4K)

Android Galaxy phone: 3897


All sync'ed to my account and up to date clients of course.

How could this happen and how to determine the differences ?


Thanks !

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Any local (ie not synced) notebooks?


Windows client - will always have the most notes for reasons of non-synced ones and unsynced / trash items.

iPad "around 4k" really?

Galaxy Phone - did you set up the phone to "offline search" all notebooks?  If not,  the phone won't download notes as such,  it will download an index - which is a copy of the index on the server,  which is a copy of the index on your Windows client - so can be a little out of date...


Check on the web version.  How many notes does it show?

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Thanks for the reply.

I could not find any local notebooks, I created them all to be synced.

The trash items were a good idea but emptying it did not decrease the items number on the pc client so I guess they're excluded by default?

New count with all synced:

PC: 4340

Web: 3919

IPad: 3897


I just emptied the trashbin in the PC version too...


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If the discrepancy is a concern - and I can see that it might be with a 450+ difference over the three clients - I'd suggest raising a support ticket.  I did that a while ago on a similar subject and was advised to uninstall Evernote and remove everything from my client so it would repopulate from the server,  which should mean the two resume their syncronicity.  You might want to try that on the iPad first since it reports fewer notes than the web version...

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