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Lesson Plans

Ms T

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I would like to use Evernote for my lesson plans.

I am using an evernote widget on my phone, Samsung S4.

This works well on my computer, but when I view the notes for my lesson plans on my Android phone, they are not in order by date created.

I created a notebook called lesson plans.

I teach first grade and need to have an entry for each lesson that I teach - about 5 entries per day. I need them listed in order by day and in the sequence that I teach the lessons each day.

I can list them on my computer by date created which I of course changed to the date and time that the lessons would be taught. I can choose to have the notes listed from most recent when viewing on the computer. This gives me the lessons in the sequence they are taught each day for the week.

On my phone, I can view the notes by date created; however, they are in descending order. The end of the week is listed first. I have the widget set to view the Note list from the lesson plan notebook, so if they were in the correct order it would be perfect.

I have found that I can create a tag for the notes with that day _Monday, then search in the lesson plan note book for notes with that tag and then save a short cut to my phone's home screen. But this seems a bit more work than should be needed. It would be better for the notes to be listed from most recent.

I am surprised that this is not possible because I would think that even a business person would want to know her schedule in sequence from first thing in the morning to last rather than the last meeting first.

Would like suggestions if anyone has them.



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Just an idea: Start each note with a title that puts the notes into the right order (e.g using the date as yyyy-mm-dd) and set order by title. For example:

2013-10-24-1 Math

2013-10-24-2 Chemistry


You could even put the time behind the date:

2013-10-24 10:00 Math

2013-10-24 11:00 Chemistry

In that way ordering is completely in your own hand.

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