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(Archived) Taking Evernote archive off a Mac's Firewire target disk to perform backup?



Hi, from a Mac connected as a Firewire target disk I'd like to move this file to a functioning Mac running Evernote:


/Users/<userID>/Library/Application Support/Evernote


Then I'd like to backup the changes to Evernote that were made on the dysfunctional Mac by synching it through the functioning Mac. 


Notes were changed on each Mac, but, the same files were not changed. If each Mac were synched normally, they would not conflict. And, the functioning Mac's Evernote of course has been synched.


Will this work?



(And does anyone know how to access the hidden Library folder on the Firewire target disk? Alternatively can I just point Evernote running on the functioning Mac to the Evernote archive on the Firewire target disk?)


thank you!
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