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  1. Hi, from a Mac connected as a Firewire target disk I'd like to move this file to a functioning Mac running Evernote: /Users/<userID>/Library/Application Support/Evernote Then I'd like to backup the changes to Evernote that were made on the dysfunctional Mac by synching it through the functioning Mac. Notes were changed on each Mac, but, the same files were not changed. If each Mac were synched normally, they would not conflict. And, the functioning Mac's Evernote of course has been synched. Will this work? (And does anyone know how to access the hidden Library folder on the Firewire target disk? Alternatively can I just point Evernote running on the functioning Mac to the Evernote archive on the Firewire target disk?) thank you!
  2. HI, in the past I've collected urls by dragging their fav icons from a browser's location bar and then dropping this into folders on a Mac...this results in a .webloc file with a long name clearly describing the url. Unfortunately when now moving a large amount of these .webloc files to an Evernote note, they are included in a note as attachments with extremely brief filenames (in comparison to what was available in a Mac's folder). Is there anyway to increase the filename size of these attached .webloc files so they are more clearly legible? Is there a quick method of copying and pasting such .webloc files into a note as their raw urls - without opening each one in a browser to hand copying them? (example attached...just would like to dump a whole bunch of .webloc files into Evernote and still be able to read them...) thanks!
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