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(Archived) Lost Work

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Why is Evernote for Mac so trash? Ever since I downloaded the app, it has been glitching, ghosting, and recently I have lost 3 hours worth of work. Yesterday I spent 3 hours on a psychology project. I hit sync every once in a while, though I knew that it would also auto-save. I closed Evernote when I was done. Today I opened Evernote and the note displayed info that I had entered a week ago, and nothing more. I am so angry right now it is indescribable. Unless anyone can help, I suppose I will just go back to google docs.  

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Yes I opened a support ticket and checked online. How long does it generally take for them to contact you? Is it through email? I just can't find it. I thought it might have been because the version of my app was not current, and so it just updated. Now it says it detected previously saved notes and is copying them. It has been an hour since this window popped up. I'm so sick of Evernote right now.

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Assuming you got a ticket number, they will get back to you fairly quickly. Premium customers get taken care of first, but from what understand response times for free users are still pretty good.


I'm sure they'll get you sorted out. It's a great app, I use it every single day but it's understandable getting frustrated when things don't work.

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