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(Archived) Cancelled my premium account today


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I can't deal with new updated version of Evernote crashing on me every time I try to use it. I have done multiple install/uninstall but this has been more pain to use than helping my daily workflow. I personally am responsible for at least 5 people using this service with premium accounts today. I will highly discourage anyone from now on if they ask my opinion about Evernote.

I will still use Evernote peripherally but I would rather switch to Evernote competitor at this time that actually works. Hopefully more people will follow so Evernote does something about this disaster.

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And this happens because of a phenomenon I've been observing with Evernote all along. I mean, just look at the wonderful things on the Trunk page or whatever it's called now. Wonderful!


And then go on the iTunes app store and read what the real ratings are, people's real-life experiences. I did that often enough, and even tried out a few, to realize that Evernote is sooo taken with itself, there is absolutely no attention paid to, um, real consumers. At one point, I just wanted to yell, Will you stop developing new things and tend to what you've already released! Half of it doesn't work! For anybody?


Or am I wrong, and Business users are getting prompt fixes? I just don't know. I do know, that despite my continued use of the free version, for now--being unable to afford Premium--that the Elephant in the Evernote Room, the inability to export a single note except by the (Mac) workaround workflow of print to PDF, the big red flag that Evernote wants to keep you in the walled garden of all time, speaks of things about this company's priorities. And you all put up with it! You show off your little workarounds instead of calling these people on their perpetual horseshit. Just read one answer from a tech on a current thread - straight? Simple? Hell, no.


Evernote, sorry to say, will do nothing about this current disaster or any other, because that would mean genuine customer support. They either haven't a clue or are too cheap to provide it. Either way, there's something called NoteSuite that's kinda okay and I'm sure others will be along. Good luck!

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Just reading a post from the Evernote-to-iCloud service back in February. Another bone to pick: It ain't free! It's not even a modest fee, for most of us, tho that is not mentioned till you do some digging. I know--far from the only site that's doing this Sign Up For Free Trial gimmick. Sucks nevertheless. Maybe the color of money or lack of a budget also colors things Evernote, in a way. $10 a month for the lowest level isn't trivial. Why not be up front?

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