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(Archived) Transferring notebooks?


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I synced my iPad's Evernote files to my Mac so that I don't lose any files while updating it. Now I don't know how to transfer them back on my iPad. Can anybody help? Syncing doesn't seem to work this time.


Evernote does not sync device to device but rather via the EN servers (aka 'cloud').  If you sync'd your Evernote notes from your iPad to the EN servers (and subsequently to your Mac), then they should all still be on the EN servers.  You can log into the web client on your Mac to confirm this.  If it appears all your notes are on the EN servers (IOW, no unsync'd notes on your iPad), then you can delete the app from the iPad, reboot the iPad, reinstall EN on the iPad & sync.  This should transfer all the notes from the EN servers to your iPad.


Please note that you only delete the EN APP from the iPad.  You do NOT delete the notes from the iPad.

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