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Hide Note Title in Presentation Mode?

Viv Ilo Veith


Presentation Mode is beautiful!  And I am about to teach an Evernote class using it - in an hour!  


Is there anyway to hide the note titles?  They are SO LARGE and over-powering.  Plus it is the Content of the note that is important - not the title.


If there is no way to hide the note titles?  


If not, I would like to request that as a feature that is added pronto!  For a class it is not a big deal because I just made the titles be something that made sense.  But for sharing in a team meeting we should not have to edit our note titles to something sensible to the whole group.  We should just be able to pull up the note content.  A note title is not needed, and is even a distraction in a meeting where we are switching between members projecting a note.  Thanks!

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