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(Archived) BUG: Shortcuts disappear when logging out/in of account


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I'm using Windows version (269392) and am wasting a lot of time as - almost - every time I log in to an account the shortcuts I placed last time in the shortcut menu, have disappeared. 


As I use several accounts this might have something to do with account switching which I do via the debug menu.

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I have been having the same issue also in windows. I managed to get my shortcuts back by editing (adding/deleting or moving) the shortcuts into my Evernote account using the ios app on my iPad, I then synced the account on my iPad. When i then went back to my Evernote account on my PC and synced my shortcuts were back. Not ideal but like yourself i wasted enough time trying to figure out this issue.


They still seem to disappear again when logging into a different account so i have needed to do the above every time i go back into the account that the shortcuts have disappeared from.

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