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(Archived) Marking up academic papers (evernote, not skitch)

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This is my first post on this forum. I've used evernote for a long time but only recently am I starting to see its full potential. I want to run an idea past you all which I'm toying with at the moment to see if any others have used evernote in this way and if you foresee any problems before I invest too much time in the approach.


I'm starting a PhD and what I'm planning is to use evernote to effectively store my highlights from academic papers as well as my notes and thoughts on them. The normal approach would just be to highlight pdfs with adobe or whatever and when it gets to write up time just hope you remember where the important sections are.


My plan with evernote is to do this by going through the paper (converted to text from pdf by word 2013's remarkably good new converter), copying over sections to a notebook specific for that paper and tagging them up based on what that section is about, which of my write-ups it is likely to be useful for, etc. etc. I think this might in the end, once I've read 100+ papers, be a vastly more efficient filing system. I should be able to combine tag searches to find all the relevant sections from a vast number of papers for anything I'm trying to write.


What do you all think? Do you foresee any problems with the approach? Does anyone else do anything similar to this?


Thank you for reading,





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